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What began as a raw food diet for 2 weeks quickly (I’m talking 5 hours later) morphed into a something else. lol I got up and made humongous fruit salads and drank a water. We went to the movies to see Ted and came out STARVING!!!! In a panic, I scurried to find something for us to eat before we completely gave up and went to Chick-fil-a, lol. (hmmmmm…chick-fila) We quickly drove over to a vegan spot I knew of from doing the Daniel Fast with my church. Sooooooo, that was the end of our raw foodist journey. In any event, today marks the 1 month anniversary of our attempt at Veganism!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, we are more like Pescatarians since we have fish on the weekends…and more like vegetarians since I’m pretty sure that we probably had a condiment or two that would be shunned by our “fellow” vegans. Long story short…we are eating better, cleaner and there is absolutely no meat allowed on this journey. Pseudo-Vegan Pescatarians. POW! LOL Until I turned on my PC at work this morning, I honestly hadn’t noticed it had been a month. I was ecstatic!!  I don’t think I’ve tried any lifestyle change that has fit into my current “lifestyle” as easily as adapting to this diet. More >